The grandgirl’s father …

Oh my goodness … it is January 5, 2012. It also happens to be my 12th anniversary for my job too. WOW … I can’t believe how much has changed since last writing … especially my grandgirl!!! She’s 19 months old and she is constant motion. That is unless she’s not feeling well which has been the situation of late. She keeps moving in the right direction and she is

Time flies ….

I started this little adventure — this website — with the best of intentions. BUT guess what … raising a grandbaby, working full time, volunteering and trying to keep the house from falling down around us … well there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. How do you all manage? I’m looking for time saving tips. One I’ll share is using my crock pot to prepare meals. There are

light bulb moment
Things I know …

As a grandmamma, I have the benefit of knowing certain things. Like it doesn’t really matter if a toy is lost, or if a favorite book goes missing. Over the weekend, while at the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s GRAND Parade this past Saturday, I lost one of my grandgirl’s favorite little books. And let me tell you, 20 years ago, I would have likely driven back down to the

Tickling … it is good!

I came across the following story on AOL today and wanted to share!!! Who knew something so much fun and simple could improve those important bonds with your favorite little people!!! Tickling Helps Us Bond Tickling not only triggers laughter, it also builds relationships. In fact, evolution expert Charles Darwin noted in the late 19th century that tickling is a mechanism of social bonding. When a mother tickles her infant,

And here I thought we had progressed…

When my husband and I first agreed to seek custody of our granddaughter, something I wasn’t quite prepared for was the stress, and to be completely honest, the anger I’m feeling toward my husband. We had a common goal: doing what we knew was the right thing for our granddaughter and that was creating a stable, loving, safe home. (NOTE: to be fair, her parents are quite loving, but love

Is your grandbaby overweight?

The following headline grabbed my attention:  Even baby fat needs weight-watching, National Academy of Sciences says. Here’s the link to the story. So, here’s my question: Does this make you crazy? Lately, I’ve been wondering about the eating habits of my grandgirl. She loves to eat …. we call her “Little Big Hungry.” (My nickname at work is Big Hungry…and bless her heart, my grandgirl appears to have my


A detour of seismic proportions When my son finally told me he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby, my first reaction was that of the “fixer.” I’m not going to sugarcoat my reaction. My suggestions ranged from terminating to adoption. It was obvious to me these two couldn’t take care of themselves, so how could they care for a baby? However, it also soon became obvious that “my” suggestions

Hello world!

Is not being a grandMAMMA the best? Grandpappas rock it too! When we welcomed our precious little monkey into this world a little over a year ago, little did we know how much our world would change. Hello world indeed. It’s a new world for my husband and I, as we are getting the unexpected joy of getting to experience the newness of the world, thanks to our granddaughter. Did